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 What:  Mountain Bikes are big in Winthrop, but that's not all. It is a western theme town as in Leavenworth is Bavarian with wooden sidewalks (boardwalks?), horse drawn carriages, trading posts, etc. There are numerous advanced mountain bike trails in the Alpen peaks, but for now we will describe an introductory trail that anyone can do and will enjoy as it is all downhill for six miles, although obviously you will need a shuttle driver to allow this. The town is full of antique stores with unique items. There is a nice bike shop in Winthrop that sells trail guides for Mt-bikes. See the photos above for mountain potential, city buildings of Winthrop, and a view of the Sun Mountain Lodge, 4 star Inn.
 Where:  In the slideshow see the gate that begins the 6 mile route that ends at Winthrop downtown. There will be a number of green narrow spring loaded gates that you are expected to push your bike through. This trail is so smooth you can really get speed up and could do it without any suspension at all if you needed to. All the trails here seem very well groomed. From Winthrop take Hwy 20 south and just out of town take a right on Twin Lakes road. Take a right on Patterson Lake road and drive to the north end of the lake. This is where you will see the gate above and you can park there temporarily while you get the bikes out. Use the small green gate to enter and begin the trail. On the trail, do not take Black Bear trail unless you want a much longer ride that ends who knows where.
 Cautions:  Black Bear trail has been recommended as a great ride, but there are black bears there.
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