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Remember, trail conditions change radically due to
 forest  fires/weather/wind/treefall/flooding/mud/snow/etc!
Calling ahead to Ranger Stations can save a lot of wasted time.
For example: Sometimes Little Spokane river has a log all the way
across midway along route that can be hard to get over for beginners.



Local Outdoor Sports is a new website with local interest.

Fairy Houses has 83 photos. If you haven't seen a fairy village before this is you and your child's chance.

Crab Creek Revisited has 12 new photos, better directions, 2 trailhead alternatives.

Old things around the area has had 8 photos added

New Bridge links West and East segments of the great Centennial Trail.

Letter from Thomas Sewid describing new aboriginal adventure tours for kayakers

First Night Spokane is one fun night hiking in the city for all types and ages

Post Falls Dam Cave was used during the treaty awaiting the results for Treaty rock

Gonzaga Area Historical Home Tour is one for you and your automobile

New Rock Art site at Lenore Coulee in a group of 44 photographed sites.

Do a Natural History of your own home environment and discover many things you can live with.

Spirit Quest Sites

New Map of Tribal Locations approx. 1800

Stories about city names

Okanogan Barter Faire is examples of  hip, organic, sustainable living, and artistic anarchy.

Uwajimaya Japanese Market is a mecca for sushi chefs and many other Japanese food lovers.

Pike's Place Market in case you haven't been there is a must know about location for shopping or enjoying the day.

Hat Point is an adventurous drive to view the deepest gorge in North America.

Blue Lake Rhino is for the person interested in Paleontology, and rock climbing, and boating.

New Basalt formation types have been added.

Lake Lenore Caves have been used by ancient tribes, and have geologic interest also.

Juniper Dunes Wilderness is a great winter destination for exploring; many new pictures, exact directions.

Rock Lake and all its mysteries have new and unique photos of lake and Castle Rock and from its top.

Columbia Plateau Trail is a converted railway all the way from Sprague to Spokane if you are adventurous.

Spokane History in photos has some good information also.

Two Sisters Rock formation is a 2 1/2 hour drive with beautiful views, hiking, legends, and geology.

Indian Battle sites at Four Lakes and Spokane Plains Battlefield are photographed and described by eye witnesses.

Spokane Falls shown pre-city, 1892, and then in 2003 from the same photographing location.

Spokane Atmospheres is 36 photos taken over the last ten years that I couldn't use in any particular topic area.

Julyamsh Powwow is an annual event that you might want to take in next year. (see 23 photos)

Map of Spokane in 1890 shows teepee village across the river from West end of Boone Ave. & lots more (640K be patient)

Lincoln Park Pond is a great place to hike, photograph birds, or jog amongst inspiring views.

Republic Fiddler's Contest is history and fun for the whole family.

Stonerose Fossil Museum allows you to dig fossils and keep most of them for a small fee.

Blades, scrapers, & arrowheads used by local Indians are shown classified.

Basalt occurs in many formations on the Columbia Plateau.

Deep Creek has many new photos, and it is fun every time I go here it is so different.

Roosevelt Ancient Cedars Grove has 2,000 year old trees & waterfalls on a short hike.

South/East of Spokane photos might tempt people to do some driving trips, even in winter.

Photo of Kamiakin as young man (controversial)

Stick In The Eye Trail is steep & thrilling for mtbikers, & provides standout views, see 17 new photos.

Trailhead 302 goes all the way to the northeast end of Upper Priest Lake on beautiful singletrack.

Fish Lake Trail starts near downtown Spokane, is 10 miles in length, and has many interesting options.

Current Regional Events:

Spokane Parks & Recreation: Class & Activity Guide downloadable .pdf file