Vantage Horse Sculptures

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 What:  This is a metal sculpture of a herd ofhorses high on a desert hill overlooking the small city of Vantage and its bridge over theColumbia river. Across the freeway from the sculpture is another pullout with great viewsof the gorge. An interesting resort with moreinfo about this area.

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 Where:  Take I-90 West to Moses Lake and then about 36miles farther to Vantage. Your car can take you half way up the hill where you get a veryinteresting view of the herd forever running in place, or you can then hike up a steep,slippery path to where you can touch or ride the horses. There is a great view from thishigh point.
 Cautions:  Extreme rattlesnake habitat. Hike at your ownrisk and watch your step. Do not let your kids run around here as that is how one will getbitten. The sound of a large insect buzz will usually warn before a strike. There are nofacilities here- no water or restrooms.
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