Chinese Temple in Portland

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 What:   Chinese classical temple and garden that a scholar would own was created to nurture and inspire all who visit. This garden is little changed from what would have greeted you during the Ming dynasty in China.

The Portland Classical Garden was donated to Portland by the citizens of Suzhou, China and represents a "Scholar's Garden." It occupies one city block, and contains materials from both China and the Pacific Northwest.

Some of the particular elements of a classical Chinese garden are:

Borrowed views: A way to make the garden appear larger, by using windows in walls, reflections in water, and frames to add interest to an enclosed area

Yin and Yang: The use of white and dark stones, white walls and shadows, etc all illustrate yin/yang

Five Elements: Stone, Water, Architecture, Literature and the Arts, and  Plants are all combined to create the experience of balance between humanity and nature.

Chinese Temple Website

 Where:  Directions

 Cautions:  They do sell incredible plants, so you might want some room in car and a few dollars. We got two Ginkgo trees of about 5 years old for only $8 each.

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