Tekoa Mountain

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 What:  Tekoa Mountain is right next to the town of Tekoa, Washington. Tekoa means "City of Tents." A Coeurd'Alene Tribe lived here and surely frequented this mountain. Everywhere I visit old Indian campgrounds I find trees with straight branches coming out like the one pictured. Did the tribes have a way of training the trees growth by pulling a branch straight with a rope to hang things on? This mountain is currently known as one of the very best places to Paraglide or Hang-glide in the entire area. Winds can come up from the West, East or South. There are good take off areas for each direction. It is also a good place to see native plant habitat (some we saw were sulphur buck and arrowleaf balsamroot. You can also see a wide variety of birds, including raptors, who play in the air currents. This mountain is privately owned, and currently the owners do not mind people coming up here to enjoy it, so please understand and respect this. There are people who love this mountain and have grown up around it. Don't let them catch you littering it. I found just the drive up to the top worth the time driving over there. A four wheel drive is recommended as it is steep, rocky and there are some holes and trenches. We really like going to the top of Steptoe Butte, but this is more challenging and interesting going up and there is more to see once you are up there. There is a parking area at the top and all my pictures were taken near this. There is a loop drive around the top if you are interested.

 Where:  Use a map to get to Tekoa by Hwy 27 or by 195. From downtown Tekoa take Hwy 27 towards Spokane and almost immediately you will pass the elderly care center on your right. Then about one mile later you will see a billboard. Take the next dirt road right. After this just head up the mountain taking every right turn, and you will soon be at the top.

 Cautions:  Have plenty of gas as sometimes it is hard to get gas on weekends in these small towns. In Tekoa we did find a creditcard automated gas station a little ways before you pass the care center in town. There is a primitive outhouse on the mountain top.

 List:  Water, binoculars, bird and plant ID books, picnic. Email Us