Stone Tools used by local Indians


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 What:  Types of stone tools existed in this area. Oldest known are Paleo about 10,000 years ago. After Paleo came the Archaic age.

Blades: included spear heads and a variety of knives.

Drills: for drilling or poking holes in skins, etc.

Scrapers: End and side types for skins, food, making arrows, etc.

Arrow Heads: for hunting had many types of notchings for attaching the arrow shaft.

Examples are shown for the above types in the slideshow above.

There were also tomahawk heads, fishing net weights, grinding type stones, fishing hooks, but I don't have examples of these to show.

(The above pictured items were given to me recently by people who found them about 45 years ago around the Umatilla area on our side of the river)