Soap Lake

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 What:  This is mainly about relaxing and curing in a place with over 300 days of pleasant sunshine. The most fantastic of the many stories told about this place is that two cowboys once buried their friend on the shores of the lake and went on with their cattle drive. The next night at the campfire they were frightened to see their friend ride in totally healthy on a cayuse horse he had picked up on the range. He said the waters had seeped into the dirt around him and finally woke him feeling great. It is very relaxing going here because everyone is getting in this soapy lake with the wonderful mud and getting relaxed, so everyone is very mellow. Sodium, chloride, carbonate, and sulphate are present in the biggest proportions. Traces of aluminum, potassium, magnesium, and several other minerals have been measured in the lake as well.  Another unusual feature of the lake is that it is "meromictic," that is, the minerals do not mix but remain in layers. This means that swimming at different depths can have different effects on you. Many report about six feet as a good depth. The wind generates suds. One goes for the extremely black mud bath. We suggest staying at the Soap Lake lodge because they have nice plastic lounge chairs that you can meditate on, but the public beach is fine also. The lodges supply buckets for mud. Bring your own if you will not stay at a lodge. You must have a bucket. Your first goal is to find a lounge chair and put your belongings on it to save your place. Now the hardest part. Acquire high quality mud. This is only a little challenging. You must walk hundreds of feet out into the lake until you are up to your neck in water because that is the place to get the really greasy mud, not the sandy mud. The way to tell if you have the right mud is to spread it on an arm and if it covers perfectly and doesn't come off, then that is good. If it sort of covers and is sandy that is bad. Now bring your mud back to the shoreline and with your friends help cover your entire body. This is the second hardest part. Roll your lips in and cover the mouth. Get your arm pits, your back, neck, but I don't know about the eyes. Get an even thick coverage and then lay back in your loung chair and don't worry about getting mud on it because it is plastic and the sprinklers will get it. Now the good part begins. Relax,,,MEDITATE,,,feel the sun,,,feel the breeze,,,feel the clouds move without opening your eyes. This is real deep relaxation. If this doesn't relax you you will have to hire one of the many masseurs around the place, but I doubt if you will need this. Only when the mud has entirely dried should you even move at all because one of the most fun parts is when you get up and crack the mud skin all around yourself. Every move you make stretches this temporary layer of you and cracks it off. Now walk the 100s of feet back out and wash off. It won't come entirely off with the water although you can get it off enough to go home with if necessary. It is nice to go back into your room and soap it off. I left mine on a bit to let the minerals interact with my skin for hours. I felt great the next day. Many people that live here live here because they came here at some point in their life and were cured of a disabilitating condition. They live here to keep healthy and/or to pay homage to the place that saved them. Places are really important to people sometimes. Click here to learn more about  the history. More info and links. The Inn at Soap Lake website. The Notarras Lodge website.  at Soap Lake.

 Where:  From Spokane, drive towards Moses Lake on I90 and then take 17 North to Soap Lake. Or for more scenery, and about the same 2 hour driving time, take Hwy 2 to Davenport and then take a left on Hwy 28 going through Odessa and then straight on to Soap Lake. On entering via the one exit to Soap Lake look for Main street and it is easy to see the lake.

 Cautions: Don't relax too much. 

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