Slocan Lake 

 What:  Kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping in beautiful teepees on a lake as beautiful as Upper Priest Lake, but not crowded at all. Best of all it is only four hours north of Spokane although you will feel like you are at the ends of the earth by the time you get there. Park comment stations show people who have hiked alpine all over the world brag this place up as one of the best places they have ever hiked. We strained our bodies to the limit enjoying this one. The Teepee hot tub was awaiting us at the end.

 Where:  From Spokane, take Hwy 2 north to 211 to 20 to 31 and cross national boundaries where the highway is immediately Hwy 6. Take 6 to Nelson BC which is a very artistic place to eat and look about. Then take 6 west for a while and then north to Slocan Lake. Park at the park on the lake which is very easy to find as Slocan is a one restaurant town. I would highly recommend your first time here that you stay at the Teepee resort until you get your bearings here especially considering how nice the family is that runs it, and the teepees are extremely comfortable. They will pick you up at the park and then let you use a canoe to go up the lake if you don't have your own paddling vehicle. They have no power there, but the owner is an inventor, and the woodstove hot tub has pine needle fragrance, hot showers available, and etc, etc. This place is unlimited fun. If you have your own kayak or canoe, paddle from the park beach across the lake to the west side and then up towards the north until you reach the Teepee Resort about 2 miles from the park. Evan's Creek is 2 more miles up the lake. You could camp at Evan's. There are lots of places to hike and camp all along the lake's west side.

 Cautions:  Do not park on the recreation side of the park. Park on the lumber yard side so your car will be safer from vandalism. You will want to be in good shape for the hiking here as even the first leg (2.5 miles straight up) of the Evan's creek hike takes the entire day.
 List:  Definitely bring camera. Bring layers as weather also changes as you climb higher and higher. Have owners tell you stories about the area. Don't even think about doing the Evan's creek hikes without a good water filter as you will burn so much water climbing here. Be careful not to fall into the creek as you would die instantly tumbling down the mountain. In July take advantage of the blueberries all along the hike.

Call owners of Teepee Resort at: 250-365-3226, or fax: 250-365-3264 or email them at: Valhalla Lodge [].