Sasquatch or Bigfoot 

The native of this Spokane area told Elkanah Walker the Missionary that they believed in the existence of a race of giants which inhabit a certain mountain, off to west of us. This mountain is covered with perpetual snow. They inhabit its top. They hunt and do all their work at night. They are men stealers. They come to the tribe's lodges in the night, when the people are asleep and take them and put them under their skins and take them to their place of abode without their even awakening. When they awake in the morning, they are wholly lost, not knowing in what direction their home is. They say their track is about a foot and a half long. They frequently come in the night and steal their salmon from their nets, and eat them raw. If any people are awake, they always know when they are coming very near, by the smell which is most intolerable. The missionaries called the tribe's members "the people".

From: Nine Years with the Indians (The diary of Elkanah Walker), by Drury.