Roller Coaster 

 What:  Ride almost straight down at full speed, and then whoop almost straight up, over and over again for about 3 miles straight. Hold your momentum going down so as to minimize your pedaling going back up the other side. Very little pedaling here as the trails are so smooth. Fun ride that every serious mountain biker should go on at least once.
 Where:  Method#1: From downtown take second street west until approaching the Brown's Addition. When you pass the 7-11 convenience store look for the road that goes down, (the underpass). Take this road (Inland Empire Way) through the small housing area and take a right turn on 23rd Avenue and stay on 23rd until you arrive at a T at highway 195 to Pullman. Do not head towards Pullman, but carefully cross the highway over to Thorpe road and follow it through two old tunnels all the way up to Assembly (roughly 2 miles). Turn left on Assembly and follow it for about 2 miles to a dead end sign and then take the next right turn into Maxs Lane and follow it to the turn around and park here. I don't know how long before they build here, but if you go there now you will find other ways to park and access these trails later if need be. Ride West over rough forest or follow a crude 2 rut road about a block or two to a sewage disposal pond with a high cyclone fence around it. Go around the fence and lagoon in a counter-clockwise fashion until you find a small two rut road heading south, not west toward the houses. Go about one mile until you see the railroad tracks below you. Do not go down to the tracks although there is a trail that might be of interest there also. Stay at the top of the ridge overlooking the railroad tracks, and head east and north along the ridge in view of the same tracks. In this way you could always retrace your tracks easily back to your car.

Method#2: Go West on I-90 and take the exit to 195 South to Pullman. Look for the Cheney-Spokane Road on your right. Take the turn for 4.5 miles until you cross over a bridge over railroad tracks. Park just across from the gravel pit. N 47 33' 977" W 117 29' 744" Do not use the gravel pit property as your entrance however as this is private property. Find another entrance near without using this property.

There are a lot of trails that you could use to make loop trips, here is another. Park off Thorpe where it meets 195, there is a side road there with room for a couple vehicles. Ride your bikes the 5miles following the directions above on pavement because it makes the end of the ride nice and easy. Of course with coordination between 2 cars and you could make it even easier. After you are riding above the tracks and roller coasting up and down just keep on until you are heading north again back to your car. If you get tired before the 15 mile end of this one, just go down the hill to the railroad tracks and ride the track maintenance road back to where it ends and then take either the right or left and it will get you back to your car.

There are two very wild versions of the above that I will ride when I can so I can give good directions, because you could easily get lost in the low valleys and high mountains here. Nary will you see any sign of others or civilization here. This area deserves healthy respect for its vastness. I wonder who owns it and why I've never heard of it.

Here is another site on this great rollercoaster ride. It gives more detail on the Method#2 from above. Good pictures also.

 Cautions: Fairly safe, but don't get lost without water. Many of these trails are steep and/or rocky so I would not bring young inexperienced children along unless you want to teach them about how to hike-a-bike at the right times. ***Until late May 99 there is railroad construction going on so we are not welcome there until then. (I have heard that there is a new owner that is less positive about use of these trails, but I can not confirm this at this time)
 List:  A GPS would help or compass would help here. If in hot summer bring lots of water.