Wenatchee River Road Trail

 What:  Mt-biking, hiking. This is a non-trivial 700 foot elevation gain over 8 miles, with varying terrain fireroads all the way. We had to cross over/under about a dozen fallen trees. We really enjoyed the constant change of scenery, mountains, and the river. We swam nude in the river and it really cooled us off. Wildflowers, sand, ruts galore, challenging downhills, good long climbs.
 Where:  Nine miles north of Leavenworth set your odometer to zero at Tumwater campground and the right turn you want is exactly .6 miles north of that. Park right away off the 2 roads. Take the road to the right with your bike or hike. Go around the locked gate. You can't get lost here as you just stay by the river. When you reach the Burlington railroad no trespassing sign, turn around and return the way you came after a quick slip into the ice waters to cool yourself down.
 Cautions:  Control your speed in case some locals come driving in, although we did not encounter anyone.
 List:  A first aid kit, and a water filter would be nice to get cold water from the river.