Riverfront Park 

1870?, Before city developed 1892, falls being used for power
Photographed in winter so that leaves of the trees would not obscure view more than they already do. This means less flow of water from mountain snow and therefore much lower water level.

 What:  Hiking, Strolling, biking, picnicing, & photography. This park always has something different going on, but what we enjoy the most is the history, and how wild this place would be if a city hadn't decided to sit down on it. Filter out the buildings, bridges and roads and picture it when the Indians fished here. During a good salmon season so many salmon would be attempting to traverse the difficult waterfall impediment to their journey that at all times there would be 100 fish making incredible leaps in the air. Picture that for a moment.
 Where:  On north channel of middle falls of river in downtown Spokane..
 Cautions: Illegal to ride bikes on sidewalks in downtown, but it is okay in the park, just be nice to the walkers.
 List:  Its downtown so you can buy anything there.