Pend Oreille River

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 What:  Camping is available at the put in spot and alongthe river. About 4 miles up the river there is a large curve of beauty with an incrediblecampsite marked with food storage logs. This is a great place to witness a storm or hawksfishing and to explore, but even if you can't camp here, hike behind the campsite to findseemingly unlimited varieties of mushrooms during the proper season at least. There is agold mine near here. Can you find it? 
 Where:  Drive north on Hwy 2 to before Newport and take Hwy211 north to Hwy 20 north to Metaline Falls. Upon entering the town look sharp andcarefully for a road going to the left saying Boundary Dam & Gardner Caves. Justbefore Boundary dam you will see a road going down to a recreation area built by the dambuilder. Look for the Seattly City Lights sign. Drive down miles and park at thecampground here and take off going South away from the dam up the river. Paddle about 1/2mile before seeing Peewee falls, and about another 1/2 mile to caves, another 1/2 mile torock arch, & then 1 mile to camping & high cliffs overhead.
N 48 58.53' W 117 21.1'  Topological Map
 Cautions:  The river level is regulated on a 24 hour basisby the dam employees. River level is lowered in the morning usually, but then raisesovernight when no one is at the dam. Call the dam if you want more info on this, butgenerally pitch tent high above night water line, and don't leave anything near waterlineor it will be gone in the morning.
 List:  Could be simple one day trip to over night camp. It canget cold here at night in fall or spring, so bring a good tent & sleeping bags.      Email Us