Peace Treaty Pine 

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The view from the Peace Treaty Tree

 What:  Upon arriving here one can see why this was a favorite meeting place of the natives as the view over Peone Prairie with Mt Spokane in the background spreads out fine here. It is not possibe to document whether or not any treaties were actually signed here, legend has it that the Indians met Governor Isaac Stevens at this location in 1855. Under this tree which was cherished by the Indians, Chief Peone of the Upper Spokans and the early settlers supposedly smoked the peace pipe. A long-time resident of the area, Mrs. Durheim says, "The tree is deeded to the land, and the land is deeded to the tree." As a sentinel, this majestic Ponderosa Pine stands alone in a cultivated field overlooking Peone Prairie. I look at it with awe everytime I drive south on Argonne. Thanks to the book: Exploring Spokane's Past, by Barbara F. Cochran for this information. Very short drive, no hiking distance worth mentioning.
 Where:  The Treaty or Conference Tree is a majestic pine on Doak Road just west of Argonne Road, 2.4 miles north of Bigelow Gulch. 
N 47 45.036' W 117 18.415'
 Cautions:  I sure hope no one decides to chop this tree down.