Odessa Coulees

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 What:  A ten mile sweet smelling sagebrush trail for hiking, biking, motorcycle, jeep, 4WD, in and out of ancient coulees. Lava flow Basalt Rock formations scoured by gigantic floods. Wildlife: Coyotes, Mule deer, Hawks, & Waterfowl. What is good about this BLM land is the unique formations, with a nice smooth two-rut road all the way. It is not just a ten mile run though if you want to experience the coulees to the max as you would have to walk a little ways off the road on cattle trails to explore. This would take up an entire day or more. If you go in spring it is not so hot and there are many large ponds or small lakes about that you will have to go around on cattle trails. These temporary water bodies would not allow a 4WD to complete the loops. In spring many nice things will be blossoming. We went in February and really enjoyed it, so get out there now!

 Where:  From Spokane go to Davenport on highway 2 west and there take hwy 28 south/west to Odessa where it intersects with hwy21. Take 21 North towards Wilbur. Go 2 3/4 miles until turning west on gravel road where a binoculars sign points. Now drive 5 1/8 miles on gravel road to Lakeview Ranch. Caretaker house on right of road; parking area on left next to shop buildings.  See map on more photos page for routing as there are many ways this could be done. Know that the spring flooding lakes are on the south side of the trail system. 
N 47 24.834' W 118 44.462'  Topological Map

 Cautions:  I would get a copy of the Delorme Washington State Atlas and Gazeteer if you don't have one as it makes this trip easier. There is no water, no facilities, no nothing so bring what you need. See the lakes on the maps and realize that you may have to hike around the lakes on cow trails if flooding has occured in spring. This place is too hot to go out in except in the evenings during the hottest times of the year.

 List:  Lots of Water, food, binoculars. Email Us