Moab, Utah

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 What:  Mountain biking mecca for learning skills of up& down riding, and beauty of scenery. Painted trail on rock which is not slick but the opposite. It will wear your tires out there is so much friction. Not for beginners. Even the practice loop is fairly advanced. There were about 200 bikes there in earliest spring and it was not crowded at all in that everyone was in the best mood of their lives it seemed. The main thing that surprised me was how nice all the people were when they were having real fun. In summer I can imagine long lines at each hill.

 Where:  From Spokane, take I-90 East through Idaho into Montana, all the way to just before Butte where you take 15 South. Stay on 15 South all the way to Salt Lake City and keep going south of there until you reach Spanish Fork where you take 6 South to Price and a little beyond. Then go East on Hwy 70 to 191 South to Moab. This was easy to find, and not much chance of getting lost. It takes 14 hours exactly to get there from Spokane if you travel at the speed limit. We drove it Friday, rode Saturday until exhausted, then visited all the best bike shops in town, picked up photos, slept well that night and drove back on Sunday. Even though it was a lot of driving for one weekend, it was well worth it to us. We had a blast. Sara went around the practice loop once and was satisfied from thereon to go hiking for site seeing the rest of the day. I rode the practice loop twice and went on a site seeing tour with my bike. Joel our 15 year old son rode the practice loop once and then did the 12.5 mile loop. He was toast at the end of it and passed out in the hotel afterward. He only brought one bottle of water with him. I used a camel bak 16 oz up in 2 practice loops of 2.5 miles each.

 Cautions:  People don't wear armor here on elbows and knees which surprised me. People do one hill and valley and then stand at the top to consider the next one usually. Some skilled people ride the whole loop. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. Don't go on the main loop with just one bottle of water- that would be asuicide mission. I would not bring young un-experienced children along here as it takes all your concentration to keep yourself upright.

 List:  Don't worry about special tires; just use your normal ones. The only kinds that are inadvisable are slicks & super-knobby types. Your brakes and tires will get a significant amount of wear in one day's riding. A Camel bak type hydration system is a definite plus here. Be sure to check weather reports before leaving; weather varies greatly & changes rapidly. Email Us