Manressa Grotto 

The cave from the parking area.

 CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS OF: Closeups of & from cave.

powwow.jpg (24912 bytes)
A Kalispel Powwow held near the cave

 What: The Kalispel Indians held Christian religious services in this cave until 1907. Now the services are held in a nearby church. The cave has its own builtin stone alter and multitudes of seats with one heck of a view. Some people climb up to the cross at the top. This is a short fun trip. To extend it see Skookum Lakes, Brown Lake, and Bead Lake for hiking, camping, and Mtbiking.
 Where:  Take Hwy 2 north for roughly 30 miles to Hwy 211 and take a left there. Head on over to Usk and at the complex intersection take a left and then an immediate right so to continue on your way to Usk which you will now hit directly when you see the logs. There is a friendly market here that can answer some questions about the area if you're real nice. Head straight through main street over the bridge over the Pendoreille river and turn left at the north directed and river following road which immediately puts you in Kalispel reservation land so be respectful. A young chief once asked me for my film after I'd taken a picture here without asking. Go a few miles and watch for a turnout with sign for Manressa Grotto.
 Cautions:  Some of the pathes are gnarly if you get off the main one.