The Kayaking/Hiking/Mtbiking/4WD List
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General Gear Camp Gear Clothing Food
bailer/pee bottle axe audio cds bars
bike tools bag, pad, pillow bug hat boiling pans
bilge pump books capilene underwear cooking oil, butter
binoculars camp gloves change sack for return dry food
bug juice camera/tripod dry bags fishing gear, lic.
canteens camping cloth drysuit fresh fruit
compass candle lanterns face mask/snorkel frying pan
computer notebook fire starter garbage bags hand grill
duct tape ground cloth tarps gaters lighters
flotation bags heptawing tarp gortex socks mugs
gloves (paddling) journal/pens hiking boots packaged food
gps unit knife pack large reynolds bags, & grill
headlight parawing tarp pack small sandwich makings
lifejackets portable shower pack cover soda pop/gatorade
maps, tide tables, & case saw wire/framed paddle shell spook/fork-kit
paddle sets shovel polar fleece layers stove gas cans-2
rudder repair kit spare candles(lanterns) rain shell outer layer stove kits-2
spray skirt stakes/cord rubber boots tin foil
sun tan lotion tent (lite/mid/lux) shirt/pant/short/sock/day water (frozen)
survival kit (see below) toilet paper spare tires water filter
watch tooth brush, floss, pick sun glasses  
weapon whisk broom sun hat  
weather radio snake bite kit wetsuit  
whistle walkie talkies/batteries    
Survival Kit Usage
space blanket sleeping/insulate from cold

parachute cord

construct: shelter/splints/carry person etc
knife protect/cook/firewood/operate
compass find way out
lighter warmth/cook/teas
pain reliever/iodine/gauze/tape maintain mental clarity by treating
survival guide depends on your knowledge
plastic bag bag can obtain water from tree branch/still/shell
safety pin blisters/splinters/fishook/unclogstove/sewing/punch/fixglasses/more
medical supplies see below
Medical Kit
bandage/dressing variety
cleansers:packet wipe/syringe/iodine solution/gloves
full kits available everywhere/get one and read manual/books