Liberty Lake Trail

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 What:  Mainly this is a good easy to moderate hike loop of length 6.6 miles. I felt the trail variety was very interesting, but don't be squeemish about climbing over logs. It is a good tuneup hike close to home to do before an important hike that you want to be ready for. There is a challenging switchback section that is very fun to come down. We saw many people on bikes, and even though one of them went over the whole trail, without a helmet!:( it seemed too rough at the higher elevations for mountain biking unless you are a Canadian wildman. This is a popular hike and we met many nice people along the way.

 Where:  From Spokane go East on I-90 to the Liberty Lake exit. Take that exit and go right in front of the shopping mall straight until you see a small sign pointing left to the county park. The road winds around for a few miles and ends up at the front gate. Pay $2.00 per person there and get a map of the trail as it is very helpful. Get directions there for the trailhead or if there is no one at the gate, just drive straight ahead to the campingarea as far as you can go. See the trailhead on your left. Now park as close asyou can. On the trail I would stay to the right all the way up to the waterfall and then come down the other side. At the waterfall, do not take the trail to the left as it disappears just after a horrible climb. Take the trail to the right even though it looks abandoned due to many trees having fallen here. Trailhead is at:
N 47 37' 901" W 117 03' 516"

 Cautions:  It seems like a lot of people get lost their first time here.

 List:  Bring your water filter here as all the way up there is a great creek.Email Us