Lake Lenore Caves

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 What:  A series of caves of geological interest and camping remains indicate ancient tribes stayed in the caves during traveling a possibly nomadic route. These caves may be hiked up into and you may enter the caves which do not go back very far. A more adventurous hike is also available here by finding a lone crack in the cliff wall north of the caves but south of the parking lot. After the stairs, instead of just going level to the caves climb up the the highest trail level and go south looking up all along the way for a crack in the wall. You see the wall is just a wall, not a cliff with a high plateau at the top. When you navigate up and up through the crack (I think it is the only way to get through the wall) you suddenly see that the wall yields to another parallel coulee to the Grand Coulee.  This coulee is beautiful. If you look carefully across at the far east wall of that coulee you will see a solitudinal boulder standing up flat against the base of the wall. Head a little left of it at first and then in the middle head over to the boulder. You will be led into a labyrinth of rivulets of small coulees within the main coulee. It is like you are on another planet. I highly suggest this non-dangerous hike even though it won't bore anyone. This hike may sound dangerous, but actually it is just a little strenuous, so just take it slow. Takes about 2 hours for the round trip. On the way back if you don't want to re-traverse the sub-coulees, just go north around them as there is a nice trail. I would only attempt this hike during spring or fall as it might be so hot as to need more water than you could carry. The boulder, upon examination, may surprise you with a gift.

 Where:  From Spokane drive west on highway 2 to Coulee City and cross the dike at the bottom of Bank's Lake to Dry Falls Junction. At the other side of the dike, take a left onto 17 south.  Drive about seven miles to the caves which are only a few miles south of Blue Lake. There is good signage and the trailhead is just off highway 17 South.

 Cautions:  This is a safe hike which is good exercise for all. Petroglyphs and Pictographs in the area.