Kamiak Butte

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 What:  No mountain bikes or horses on the dirt trail here. Plant life is really something here as in wild orchids, butterflies, and countless other varieties. The hike will get you puffing, but it is not too difficult for anyone. I really enjoyed the dirt roads out here with my 4WD.

 Where:  Go south on 195 to Colfax, and then drive through the town looking carefully for a left turn onto Parvin road a couple of miles out of town. Take Parvin until it Ts off at Abbott. Take a left here and you will see the Butte ahead. Stay on Abbott and drive around the north side of the butte until you see the Park entrance sign. You can begin your hiking either at the lower picnic parking or the higher camping lot.

 Cautions:  During fire season, call before going out to be sure the park isn't closed. Whitman County Parks phone: 509-397-6238. Don't get lost out there. Don't go out here in early spring where mud could make this a nightmare w/o 4WD. Mid Oct- Mid April, there is no water available.

 List:  water, food, binoculars, & camera. Email Us