Chief Garry Spokane
Last teepee site

 HOMESIT1.jpg (14884 bytes)

Park at the head of the small waterfall
and then walk on the east side of the canyon
that holds the falls walking north on Elliot Drive
away from the falls about a block or two until you see
the large sign pictured above. Its inscription is interesting
although I would not vouch for accuracy on the reason
for Garry's going back to Red River to religious school.
(see One Prophecy)

Now go further north and look for the next trail west
that looks like the one below.
homesit2.jpg (11414 bytes)
Walk west on this trail looking to the south or left
looking for a smaller sign that looks like this:
homesit3.jpg (18358 bytes)
Now if you have gotten this far you have it made and all you have
to do is walk behind this sign a few feet to the west of it and you
will see a large circular depression dug out that supported the tepee.
There are small pine trees growing in its middle.
Note the perfect symmetry of the shape of the circle.
The depth allowed some extra insulation which helped
especially in winter. Indian Canyon was a favorite winter camp site
of the Spokane Tribes. Could it have been because the cliffs and trees
cut off the winds?

It took us years to find this, even though we kept hearing that it existed.
You are seeing some remnants of some real history here, enjoy it.