Horsethief Lake

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 What:  This site is of high significance to Native Americans. "She Who Watches" (Tsagagalal=one of the Indian stone gods) is one of about 100 pictographs in this area.  Due to vandalism in 1992, access is limited to guided tours, Fri and Sat mornings at 10AM (April-October). These are popular walking tours, so   reservations are definitely needed. Call the ranger listed below to reserve your date. The tours are not too strenuous, and many elementary school groups take it each year. The tour meets at the parking area closest to the river. Legend has it.

When Lewis and Clark arrived, there were 20 plank houses here for the permanent population. During salmon season, tribes met for fishing and trading from allover, and the population may have reached about 10,000. The terrain has been changed radically by the dam, which filled in about 1957, and by the railroad. Until then, it was only about 1/4 mile wide (instead of the present 1 mile width) and was a roaring rapids, perfect for fishing. It was known as The Long Narrows.

Little is known about the pictographs at this site. The colors used were white (from Mazama ash or talc), red (from iron oxide) and black (from charcoal). These natural pigments were mixed with some animal or human substance (possibly salmon eggs, fish oil, or human urine) to create pictographs.

One reason this site is so unique is that several different styles of art are represented. Some are similar to the ones at Gabriola Island and others are more typical of Plains Art.

There is a very well-kept campground here, and some of the other activities are boating, camping, fishing, hiking, picnicking, rock climbing and windsurfing.

A lodging suggestion: Inn of the White Salmon

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 Where:  Take I90 West to Ritzville and then 395 to Tri-Cities and then 395/82 to 14 West. The park is across the river from The Dalles.

 Cautions:  Tours are only available April through October. Extreme rattlesnake habitat. Call Richard Davis, ranger, 509-767-1159 for a reservation way ahead if possible. 
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