Gabriola Island Petroglyphs

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 What:  This is an island off the shore of Vancouver Island near Nanaimo. You take a two hour ferry to Nanaimo from Tswassen and then another short twenty minute ferry to Gabriola. These sites are secreted away, but you can find them by asking for the church and asking around if you are serious about looking first hand at them. The sandstone here lends itself to these carvings. The forest low growths have covered most of them up saving their content for discovery. In the slideshow you will see a case where four wheel drivers have inadvertently uncovered a new figure that is quite impressive. Indian Rock Carvings of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Beth Hill is highly available, but to learn a lot get the hard to find book by Mary and Ted Bentley, Gabriola, Island of Petroglyphs. We were very lucky to run into them on vacation and they were nice enough to take us around viewing some of the nicest petroglyphs I've ever seen. For more see: N Gulf Islands

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