First Night Spokane


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What:  This is a national event that is growing city by city into a national celebration. You hike at night in a city where the celebration is about 1/3 outside and about 2/3 indoors. If you get too cold you can go in for a while. There are so many bands, artists, etc. that it would be difficult to get to all of them as there was roughtly 100 different artists. The sites are spread out over downtown, but you can easily walk to them all. Many are on the skywalk system. Staying at the Davenport Hotel would be a great way to make it easy to see things and rest when you get tired. See the photos for a few ideas of what it is about. Fun for the whole family. Every type of person was out that night it seemed. Lots of variety of music for everyone.

 Where:  Each year will be a little different but Riverpark Square would be a good starting place.


 Cautions:  Dress warmly

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