Fairmont Hot Springs

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 What:  Why put a resort into Outdoors Activity? Because this is a place that constantly beckons to you to go outside with no town even near. This is the largest odorless hot springs in Canada. The pools range from a private circular lit pool to a public pool where you can meet more people to historical pools dug by the natives to waterfalls dropping 50 feet into colorful pools all at differing temperatures. This resort is at the headwaters of the mighty Columbia river. There are 3 springs at temperatures of 108, 112, & 116. To reach this temperature, the spring must come from a depth of at least 4,231 feet. The composition of the water shows a lack of methane, and an abundance of oxygen. 1,000,000 gallons of water bubble up each day. People are quiet here due to the relaxation of the waters. Go natural on hills or go in the chlorine treated pools. The Kootenai, Shuswap, & Blackfoot were the first Native Americans to use the hot springs around the fair mountain. Elevation 2100 feet. You can go on horse tours in summer, rent bicycles, or better bring your mountain bikes. The trails up the Rockies are so steep I couldn't ride up at all, and then going down I could barely control my bike, but around the resort are many interesting trails. Many people who have gone to Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, or Glacier say they would rather come here than anywhere in the area. This is a very friendly place and the nice thing about it is that you could go winter/spring/summer/fall. Try the massage and great dining especially the breakfast buffets. Check out the gift shop for good history and wildlife books. Call for reservations about 2 weeks ahead at: 1-800-663-4979 or visit their website.

On the way there or on the way back we strongly suggest a stop at Fort Steele to see a whole pioneer mining town.

 Where:  This is a five hour drive from Spokane. Drive north on Hwy 2 and go either north on 20 to the Canadian border, or continue on 2 to Bonners Ferry and cross the border there. Anyway you have two routes one to the way out and one for the way back. Get yourself over to Cranbrook and up either of the northerly routes to the Fairmont Springs area. Banff is only another hour north from here.

 Cautions:  Get as detailed a Canadian map as you can for all kinds of ideas for detours along the way like Top of the World park, etc. Watch for Grizzlies and Mountain Lions.

 List:  Water, camera, binoculars, picnic, and swimming suits. Email Us