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 What:  This is a hidden lake only accessible by an easy 1 1/2 mile hike downhill all the way, and then a climb out, another 1 1/2 miles that is not too bad. Mostly only locals seem to know about this trail and its beautiful lake. The formidable rock wall around the lake keeps one from circling the lake, but makes for interesting exploring. It is almost 1,000 feet high. If it wasn't for the crack in the wall of rock you could not even get into this lake. It would really be fun to camp overnight here alone with the stars. The reddish and greenish mosses and algae on the basalt are multitudinous. The beauty of the rock hard to capture even with an hour of film. Many creeks feed this lake but there seems no water leaving the lake at all. It is worth going over to Frenchman's Coulee afterwards to watch the rock climbers that come from everywhere to test themselves here and to see even more variety of rock formations.

 Where:  This site is about a 2 hour drive from Spokane. Go to through Moses Lake and after a short drive take the exit 281 near George north towards Quincy.  In about 4 miles take 5 NW left and west over a small canal and then a larger one and then look for a left right after a curving right. This left or south running road should be marked for hunting/fishing. Take this left and almost immediately you will be passing one lake after another on your left. After passing 3 large lakes you will see a metal cutout signing of Dusty Lake trailhead. From the parking area, you can walk just a little ways south and see a glimpse of where you will be hiking down to.  The trail begins at the north side of the parking area and immediately drops down to the first of numerous creeks all emptying into Dusty Lake. You will not get lost on the trail as it is easy to see. Now after this hike you can go back to I90 and go further southwest of George and look for a major exit 143 that will get you on Silica road. Then look at .7 miles for the old Vantage highway left that will take you down to the Coulee, the picket fence basalt, and then all the way to the Columbia river. At this point there is a large parking area with two openings for humans only that take you to nice wanderings. For a short hike, park at the picket fence basalt and walk through the crack in the wall. For longer hikes go .3 miles further down towards the river from the picket fence and find a parking area where a closed 4WD track takes off, climbing into an unnamed coulee with trails and 4WD tracks this way and that. If lucky find a nice-sized lake. N 47 8.22' W 119 56.34'   Topological Map

 Cautions:  I would get a copy of the Delorme Washington State Atlas and Gazeteer if you don't have one as it makes this trip easier. The map seems to be very accurate for this area.

 List:  Water, binoculars, picnic, and in summer swimming suit. Email Us