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 What:  This is a short drive as it is at the top of the west hill near Maple and Euclid, and here from the road you can see a wood plaque saying Drumheller Springs. At the hill top you can find the monument as seen above and read its inscription. This site is mainly for feeling the vibes of a special place to get in touch with the history of  Spokane. There is also a good view of Downtown. This is roughly the site of the first school in this area and the first school in the entire Oregon Territory. There was a small building built by the local Indians. It was a school for teaching Indian children about religion and planting. It was taught by the Indian Chief Garry in his younger years. This site was a favorite winter campground of the Spokane Indians. Think about this: How could one man teach Christianity to the area Indians, lead in battles, lead in peace talks, teach children, and be thrown in jail for drunkenness. Also this was a favorite stopping place of Indians traveling from the Falls to the Fur Trading post at Spokane House due to the spring which would refresh them before climbing the hill. Indian Trail Road in northwest Spokane is actually a section of this trail. Known as Spring Hill in older times the spring was an important source of water for the early settlers as well as for the Indians. There are water sources and Indian rock art along this route that makes me have some confidence of the history. The young man we found hiking around there when we got there said he felt Indians had been there, but his brother wouldn't believe him. In the 1930's the Spokane tribal people made their last annual spring trips from the Spokane Indian Reservation, forty miles northwest of Spokane, to camping lodges on the rocky meadows above this spring for the last time. More Info 

 Where:  From the north side of the Maple street bridge continue until beginning a climbing curve where you see Euclid, then take first left at top of hill. Stay left and continue looking on left until you see the monument. Then hike down a railroad tie trail northeast of the monument to get to the two other markers near the actual spring and pond and money plants. N47 41.219' W 117 26.249'.

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