Deep Creek

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 What:  Rock formations from floods and lava flow left visible to us due to a diversion that occurred during one of the big flood of most of this creeks water. Hidden ecosystem off to itself. Be gentle with it. Catch it in mighty varying seasons, flood, snow crystal, hot/dry, & in between.

 Where:  Drive North on Division to Francis and turn left and West. Drive all the way past Indian Trail Road and then down the hill all the way to Seven Mile Road and take a left. Drive over the bridge over the Spokane river and continue uphill and take the right hand turn right before the second bridge which is over Deep Creek canyon where you see the Park sign. N 47 45' 030" W 117 32.655'  Almost immediately you will see a place to park. Walk down the hill to the left and enter Deep Creek the creek and turn right. at the creek. Walk down the creek and almost instantly enter through the cave or around to the inside of the fossil bed area. Explore from there or start where Deep Creek meets the Spokane River, and then walk up the creek into the fossil beds. Topological Map

 Cautions:  Only enter through trails, don't try to crawl down steep inclines without equipment or you might find yourself sliding all the way down as we once did.  There are jagged rocks at the bottom. Luckily our reward for our stupidity was only solid mud up and down our backsides.

 List:  Purified eyes, & ears. Email Us