Architecture Tour/Kirtland Cutter

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 What:  Credited with rebuilding the city of Spokane after a devastating fire, Kirtland Kelsey Cutter was a renowned architect in the Northwest in the early years of the 20th century. His influence was as far-reaching as England, and he lived and worked his final years in California. Spokane has more of Cutter's work than Seattle or anywhere in the world. Touring his buildings most of which are in Brown's Addition many with signs guiding you is a great outdoor activity. Besides the Cutter homes, there are many old buildings worth seeing since the gold/silver activities here supplied unlimited resources for building these mission/arts and craft styles which combined the beauty of nature with European classic styles. 

Patsy Clark's is now a restaurant, but was the residence of Mr. Clark with the world's largest interior Tiffany window with Moorish influences. The red sandstone trim was shipped from Italy, beams were carved in Belgium. 2208 W 2nd.

Another major area of interest in Spokane is called Summit Blvd. It became the most exclusive area to build a home because of the views mainly.     

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There is an extremely detailed book on Kirtland Cutter and his architecture by Henry C. Matthews, available for purchase on our History Books page.

 Where:  Brown's Addition and South Hill is the best place to start. From downtown take 2nd street west. See pictures for addresses. We have compiled a printable list of Cutter sites, with addresses, to make finding them easier.

 Cautions:  Watch the traffic in these dense no stop sign streets.

 List:  Picnic, camera.Email Us