Beacon Rock State Park 

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 What:   This immense 850 foot tall rock was mentioned in the Lewis & Clark journal as a clear landmark to the sea which is 150 miles away. The Native Americans called this rock Che-che-op-tin, the naval of the world. There are a variety of rock climb challenges on the South side. The rock may be hiked without rock climbing as there is a trail with a railing on its edge, but be in good shape and be careful as it is a 15% grade most of the way. It was originally the core of an extinct volcano.  It is the second largest rock in the world after only the rock of Gibraltar. Once on top of the rock, the view of the Columbia River and the gorge is breathtaking. It is a quiet and yet exhilarating, experience to stand atop the monolith with the ever-present Columbia winds sweeping around you.

Here is a map of the River showing feeding rivers and photos of different areas.

More info, including a map. Note: this photo was taken from the picnic area at Beacon Hill State Park.

 Where:   Take I-90 West to Ritzville and then take 395 south to the Tri-cities. Continue on 395/82 to near the Columbia River and then take 14 on the Washington side. About 20 miles after passing Hood River you will come to the park.

 Cautions:  n/a

 List:  Also see Columbia Gorge Hotel, Stonehenge model, Horse Thief Lake, Maryhill Museum, nice map, & Klickitat County for additional stops along this beautiful drive.