15th Annual Terry Voss Rose Garden Potluck/BBQ
(this is a view of the sunset in summer from the backyard deck)

This is your invitation, just print it out, or mention you saw it on the website...we will see you there;
15th Annual Terry Voss Rose Garden Potluck/BBQ
2403 N Nettleton St, Spokane WA  99205
Last Saturday  in June every year at 6pm
(this year it will be on June 25th, your host: Terry Voss

all ages
rose garden

 What:  Your host is Terry Voss.  Introduce yourself to him so he can introduce you to people that might be interesting to you. A celebration for all of us Children of the Sun. This is where the name Spokane comes from: the tribe called "Children of the Sun".  This is an old fashioned get together to honor Spokane's History, beauty, and Peter Hughes a Pioneer Contractor who built my home for his retirement..

See the rock art of this area here: Rock Art.


 Where:   From Maple and NW blvd it is easy to get to the party. Go northwest on NW blvd, 3 blocks to the ZipTrip and take a left before it on Belt and go about 3 blocks  to Carlisle and take a right and go about 3 blocks where Carlisle dead ends at our house with a circular drive. Park along the street anywhere; there's plenty of room.


 Cautions: Many people just stop by for a few minutes to pick up some food, look around, say hello and then move onto their other Saturday night entertainment like a movie, or hoopfest, or such. This is very acceptable. No big commitment here. Just stop by so I can meet you. and if you have time, save some energy for the sunset as it is marvelous this time of year.

and yes you may bring your friends also, and if you have questions, call 509-998-9234 or RSVP on facebook if you can...

 List:  just bring yourself and friends.