Asotin Pictographs

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What:  These pictographs are about ten miles north of Buffalo Eddy so you might as well look at both of them in one trip as these are on the way to Buffalo Eddy.

 Where:  From Spokane take 195 to Pullman, then follow signs to Lewiston. At hill above Lewiston take the historical view pullout to see a great view. You will see two bridges below as you do in the first picture above. You are now in Idaho near the corner of Oregon and Washington. You must cross one of these bridges. It is easy to find them once you descend the hill since most roads lead to them. Then you will be in Clarkston. In Clarkston, Washington state, (get any food needs taken care of here since there is not much available south of here) look for signs to Asotin and 129 South. Asotin is about 5 miles from Clarkston. As soon as you get into Asotin which is a very small town, there is a sort of 4 way stop. Don't continue on South on 129 because it will take you away from the river. Go left and stay on the road that follows the river here called Snake River Road. You will be heading upstream. Go 5.3  more miles on this small narrow curving road to a place where there are cliffs on your right and the river is on your left. There is a pull out before and after this site so use either one since there is no pullout at the site. The site is inside a slight overhang of rock.
 Cautions: Rules & Law

 List:  picnic (no food sources nearby), water, camera.