Trail System Map
(mainly MtBiking, but hike/horse)

Centennial Trail

Chief Garry Spokane
(history/don't miss it)

City Drive
DiscGolf Courses around Spokane
(so far 2 local and 1 in Pullman, working on others)

Dishman Hills Rec. Area

Drumheller Springs

First Night Spokane
(Non alcohol New Year event, All ages, family)
Fish Lake Trail
Gonzaga Area Historical Home Tour
(short auto drive)

Highdrive Bluff (SouthHill)

Historical Architecture
(Kirtland Cutter Tour)

Horse Slaughter Camp

Ice Cave

Indian Canyon Falls

Lincoln Park Pond area
(Hike, jog, photograph, birdlife)

Little Spokane River
(paddle/hike/Great Blue Herons/Ancient Indian Paintings)

Natatorium Park History

Outdoor Activity groups/clubs in Spokane

Peace Treaty Pine
(see history, and view)

Riblet Mansion

RiverFront Park