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 What:  This is 3 1/2 hour drive from Spokane great scenic driving. Mountain Biking. Hiking, Horse riding. Not everyone is going to enjoy this. I would say this is more for the hard core bike rider who wants to go to Canada to see why Canadians are so good at technical riding. Not that most of this trail system of 18k worth is that technical, but getting there and coming back is straight up and straight down. This could be an easy introduction to technical stuff with singletrack climbing. We were exhausted in 2 hours of covering only 2.6 miles. Hey we are not that great of physical shape, but we try. Great views, and there are Islands to visit along the beautiful Columbia River. If you want to visit the quaint, beautiful countryside of Castlegar, BC this is your excuse to bring the bikes. Just please don't cuss me when your rear is hung out over some cliff dripping sweat like a bearcat. Let me know if you really can ride this whole trail all the way without hike-a-bike, as I would like to put your name in a hall of fame here. Thanks to Jerry Willows for this one and I want to apologize to Jeremy for the cussing we did of him upon not being able to find the drive, trail, & lungs. Sorry Jerry, it was worth it.

 Where:  Go north on 395 to Colville. Right after Colville take the Williams Lake turnoff to shave some miles off and miss Kettle Falls, and get yourself over to Northport and then cross border. Do not take weapons. Go to Trail the city to get to this trail. Near Castlegar look for signs to get you to Robson on the North side of the Columbia river. In Robson there is only one main drag. Look for McDiarmid Road. There is a large sign saying, "Coralea Schuepfer Pool & Tennis Court". Turn right here. Go to Ballard Avenue and take another right. Then almost immediately take a left on Clarke road parking at the cul de sac where no one will bother your car because you are out there, and the natives were very friendly.

The beginning of the trail is difficult to find so follow these directions closely. At cul de sac head see double track going up the hill. Begin up it, but only for about 15 meters. Search on the left for a light trail through mud and weeds depending on time of year. Watch for slickness of any mud on rock. You will fairly immediately run into a fork at which you must go left up the mountain. Now begin to grunt straight up for a while. Once you get to the first landing, take a right for an easy, fun rolling singletrack through streams, large rock surfaced climbs, etc. There is an opening with photo potential. Take a left for more grunt climb where a horse will whip you bad going up. The trails circle and connect, so make your own choices.

 Cautions:  Do not drive over the speed limit. The State Patrol will stop you. Take this printed page with you as the trail is hard to find without it. Do not fall off the mountain as there are some houses at the bottom you might hurt the people in them. Watch for roots hanging out right where your spokes might suck them in. Do not take your friend who just got their clipless pedals yesterday here as they will die cursing your name.

 List:  Plenty of water. Email Us